While Phone Call PVR, the mobile phone call recording system in LivePVR is a key feature in LivePVR, the ease of use makes it a more desirable product for our users. When using LivePVR, you can setup the Phone call recording to automatically kick-in and record everytime an incoming call is received, or an outgoing call is made - or you can disable the automatic call recording and control the recording process as to which calls to be recorded, when the recording should start and when it should end.

+ If set to automatic record mode, all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded from star to finish
+ user can start recording a call in progress anytime by using HotKey
+ in both manual and automatic recording, call can be stopped any time
+ recorded phone calls can be automatically backed up to a server [in professional version and higher]
+ where supported, quality of recording can be set
+ where supported, user is allowed to select preferred audio format
+ recorded files are stored in separate folder for a contact or number so they are easy to reference
+ recorded files have names that include call details like number, time stamp

If you are concerned about the caller on the otherside hearing a "periodic beep sound" when the call is being recorded - LivePVR can take care of that. In devices where beeps are generated by the phone, LivePVR gives you an option to record with or without "beep sound".

Please note that some states may require you to be legally compliant by generating beep if you are recording a phone conversation so that the caller at the other end is aware of it. It is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the regulations of the state.

With Phone Call PVR running in the background, you do not have to worry about initiating or stopping recording. You make the call, or pickup the call without opening LivePVR user interface, and the call will be recorded once both sides are connected. LivePVR even handles multiple calls at the same time - call hold, call switching are all handled and there is no mixup of recording among the calls.

Will the program beep when I record calls?

Beeping during phone call recording is a hardware function and Windows Mobile devices do not generate any beep during recording. However, Symbian S60 devices do generate beep and we have an algorithm to suppress the beep which is an user option. However, as new devices (and new firmware) has become quite frequent, the program may not be able to suppress beep in all cases. We urge you to try the fully functional trial version before you make the purchase. Please note: If your state requires you to legally sound a beep during call recording, you should not try to suppress the beep.